Friday, 22 June 2012

Trying out my new phone

I got my wonderful new phone yesterday! I've bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII :) and life will never be the same again... right now I'm bloging on the phone. The pictures are taken with the phone while I walked home from work today. Must say I'm very pleased with the quality of the pictures!
I think I'm in love with this phone <3

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The cat painting and the cat sculpture

Here are some pictures of the cat head I sculpted last weekend, and a picture of the painting of Kitten now that it is done. Hope you like it!

I guess the head mostly resemble a Siamese cat or an Oriental shorthair, I didn't have a breed in mind while making it though. I'm still not sure if I will color it or just keep it like it is.

So here is the final result, I made the eyes a little lighter and made the head a little broader and added some more black and lightened the stripes lining the head.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Creative Saturdays

Or maybe I should say "creative Caturday".. I've been feeling very creative for a while now and today I had time to let it out. I bought acrylic paint and modeling material a couple of days ago and today I made a painting and continued working on a little "bust" of a cat that I started making two days ago. The painting is almost done, I'll do the finishing touches tomorrow, it is a portrait of my long lost British shorthair cat Kitten. I'll show you a picture of the little cat bust when it's done. Hope you enjoy the painting!

The painting, almost done.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Norwegian Nature at it's Best!

A nice evening for a kayak trip.                                                    Photo: Elin A M Olsson
I took these pictures when I was out walking one of Monica's dogs last weekend. It was a wonderful sky and there wasn't a single breeze over the water. It was truly magical!

A sea gull on the mountain.                                                                    Photo: Elin A M Olsson

Good news and melancholy

My beautiful, wonderful cat Kitten. I don't know where you are, but I miss you terribly!          Photo: Elin A M Olsson
On Monday I start my new job, and it isn't the job I have written about before. I've gotten the job of my dreams! I will start working as a veterinary assistant! It is a dream come true for me. I am happier than words can describe! I was there on Wednesday to sign the contract and a tour of the clinic. And there was this adorable kitten there that took me right back to when I met my little Kitten the first time. So the last couple of days Kitten has been on my mind. Today I even made a drawing of her and started making an oil painting of her.
Kitten disappeared about a year ago. She went outside like she usually did during the day, but when the evening came she didn't come back. We have no idea where she is or what happened to her. She had a chip implanted under her skin, so if she was found they should have been able to find us, but no-one has called.
I wonder how long it will take until I get a new cat. I know I shouldn't get one any time soon, since we live in a quite small apartment, but I really miss having a cat.. most of all I miss having Kitten. She was/is such a special cat. She would follow me on walks and she would always come or at least answer when I called. I doubt that I will get that close relationship with a cat again. She was special. She was my first true baby. Kitten, I miss you so!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gone dog walking

Me and two of Monica's Huskies, Vida and Noor. Noor (to the right) is the one I "borrow" from Monica when I don't feel like being without a dog for a couple of days. Photo: Monica A. Sundset

Here comes a little update on what I've been up to lately and my plans for the next couple of months. Since the end of January until last Friday I worked 50% at the university with recruiting new students. From last Friday until May 1st I will be unemployed, which I just view as non-paid vacation :) Especially considering how nice the weather has been so far and that I've had Noor here since Monday. On May 1st I will start working in the administration at the university again but this time with exams. That job will end June 15th. And then I hope I will start the same job that I had last summer, as caretaker of the animals at the research facility. But that isn't decided yet.
On a more dog related note, the Danish Swedish Farmdog breeder that we are waiting to buy a puppy from told us in the beginning of this week that her female dog has come in heat, so if everything goes according to plan, the puppies will be born in the end of June and be ready to move to new homes the weekend I turn 26! What a birthday present! If there is a female puppy born, that is. Lets hope we get a puppy this time. There will be a lot of dogs for me this summer no matter what happens there, because me and Mads will first take care of Mads parents dog for 1,5 week, and then Monica's dogs for 3 weeks. And hopefully, during the time we watch Monica's dogs my cousin will come visit! Looking forward to it!
Well, that's it for now. If you want to read about all the dog related things I do I recommend you check out my dog blog :
I write a lot more in that blog nowadays..